Whiskey Complex Update
September 14, 2013
The Southern Cascades Type 3 Incident Management Team
John Poet, Incident Commander
Fire Information Center: 541-839-3099

The Buckeye Fire has been calm for a few days now and continues to be monitored for potential flare-ups. Repair work on the Whiskey Fire is progressing quickly and over 90% of the tasks assigned to the Team have been completed. Smoke will continue to be visible in the fire area until there is enough rainfall to cool the remaining hot spots. Today’s weather is expected to be similar to the last few days, with temperatures in the low 90s and humidity around 20%. Wind speeds are often given in terms of eye-level winds and winds at 20 feet off the ground, since they are often different figures. Today, the eye-level winds are expected to be around 2-3 miles per hour, and the 20-foot winds are predicted to reach 10 miles per hour from the northwest in the afternoon. The forecast includes a chance of showers beginning on Saturday night.

Local residents and recreationists need to be aware that the interior of the Whiskey Complex fire area will be hazardous for quite a while after the fire fighters are finished with their work. The fire has weakened some trees, and even those that appear to still be alive could have damaged root systems that are too weak to support the tree. Rocks may also have been loosened by the fire and could roll down slopes unexpectedly. Repair work is focused on areas that were disturbed by fire fighters during fire suppression activities, including felling danger trees along roads that will eventually be opened to the public. However, interior areas will still be hazardous even after the smoke is gone.

Currently, the area surrounding the Whiskey Complex is under an Area and Road Closure (06-15-02-13-307). The Whisky Camp and Butler Butte Rentals remain closed, along with the Black Canyon Camp Ground. The current closure orders are available on information boards, on the Inciweb site listed in the sidebar, or by calling fire information at (541)-839-3099 or the Tiller Ranger District at (541) 825-3100.

Fire at a Glance
Total size: 17,891
Whiskey: 16,185
Buckeye: 1,683
Smith Ridge: 23 Smith Ridge declared out on 9/7/2013.
Containment: 100%
Personnel: 145
Resources: Crews: 2 Engines: 4 Water-Tenders: 2 Misc.
Equipment: 8 Helicopters: 1 Type 3 Light
Location: Douglas County, 6 Mi. east of Tiller, OR


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