Whiskey Complex Update

September 6, 2013

The Southern Cascades Type 3 Incident Management Team

John Poet, Incident Commander

Fire Information Center:  541-839-3099

Road and area closures are still in effect for the Whiskey Complex due to fire traffic, unpredictable falling snags, smoke, and pockets of fire within the perimeter of the fire line. Black Canyon Campground and recreation rentals Whisky Camp and Butler Butte are the only remaining facilities that are closed. Closure orders are available on incident information boards or by calling fire information at (541)-839-3099 or the Tiller Ranger District at (541) 825-3100.

The Industrial Fire Precaution Level on the Tiller Ranger District of the Umpqua National Forest has decreased from level III to level II. Industrial Fire Precaution Level II, or “partial hoot-owl”, prohibits blasting, welding, cable yarding or the use of power saws except at loading sites from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. The restrictions apply to all contractors and permit holders, including those with permits to cut personal-use firewood.

The Whiskey Complex Fires have moved from fire suppression to fire suppression repair work on areas that were directly affected by fire containment activities. These repairs are designed to return the impacted areas to conditions similar to those that existed before the fire occurred.

Crews working on the Buckeye Fire will be in patrol status on the perimeter of the burn area. Equipment has been moved onsite to begin fire line suppression repair work on interior fire lines and roads that were reopened.

On the Whiskey Fire, suppression resources will continue gridding and patrolling with hand held infrared cameras while fallers remove hazard trees to help make the area safer for firefighters and rehabilitation equipment to operate in.

While the area did receive some rain yesterday most of it passed to the East and West of the fire area and only two hundredth of an inch was recorded in the fire area. With the lightning that occurred in the area yesterday combined with a warming trend in the weather local Tiller Ranger District crews and engines are available for any new fire starts on the district and will continue to work on both the Buckeye and the Whiskey fires.

Today temperatures will be in the low 70s, winds will be light in the morning becoming Northwest 6-12 mph. There will be a warming and drying trend in the weather over this weekend and into next week.

Whiskey Complex blog site and on http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3562/

Fire at a Glance

Total size:       17,891
Whiskey:  16,185
Buckeye:     1,683
Smith Ridge:  23

Containment:  100%
Personnel: 176
Crews: 3
Engines: 5
Water-Tenders: 4      Misc. Equipment: 4      Helicopters: 1 Type 3 Light

Location:     Douglas County, 6 Mi. east of Tiller, OR


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