Looking toward Beaver and Maverick headwaters

The burn pattern in the Whiskey Complex is evident while looking toward Beaver and Maverick Headwaters.

Mop up objectives for the Buckeye Fire were almost completed Saturday. By Sunday evening, if the weather holds, objectives should be met and the fire will be in patrol status. Engine crews will then patrol the perimeter of the fire, keeping a watchful eye for any missed hot spots as the weather warms. These crews are also available to respond to any new fires in the area.

Mop up operations and line improvement continues on the Whiskey Fire. The southeast corner of the fire continues to be very challenging for crews with many hazards present. Fire fighter and public safety remain the top priorities. At this morning’s briefing, Fire managers expressed their appreciation for the tremendous amount of accident-free work that has been accomplished so far. They reinforced the need to continue these efforts, especially as they work toward meeting the objective of extinguishing all fire within 300 feet of the fire lines.

Fire suppression repair work is ongoing as mop up objectives are met on portions of the containment lines as well as the contingency lines constructed over the last 4 weeks. The Whisky Cabin and Butler Butte sites which were spared damage are also being assessed and plans are in progress to reduce hazards so that the public may re-enter these areas at an appropriate time. Many trails within the fire area will remain closed even as some specific sites may reopen.

For firefighter and public safety, an area and road closure remains in effect for the Complex. Complete closure information has been posted on the Whiskey Complex blog site and on http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3562/

Fire at a Glance

Total size: 17,891 Whiskey: 16,185 Buckeye: 1,683 Smith Ridge: 23 Containment: 100% Personnel: 200 Resources:

  • Crews: 4
  • Engines: 10
  • Water-Tenders:5
  • Misc. Equipment: 2
  • Helicopters: 1 Type 3 Light

Location: Douglas County, 6 Mi. east of Tiller, OR Whiskey Complex Blog Site and Closure Information: Inciweb, with closure information: inciweb.org/incident/3562

Nick Beddow, Operations Section Chief, offers the following photographs and descriptions after recently flying over the Whiskey Complex.

nick beddow Beaver Ck looking SE

The view from the northern end of Beaver creek looking upstream to the southeast with Pipestone in the distance.

. nick beddow Bunchgrass Meadows

The effect of  fire is visible at Bunchgrass Meadows, showing some of the burn pattern surrounding the area.


One thought on “Update: Sunday, 1 September 2013

  1. Hello. thought i would see status of the W. Complex.
    Blog project looks great. Thanks for carrying on the torch !

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