Whiskey Complex, Tiller Ranger District, Umpqua National Forest
The Southern Cascades Type 3 Incident Management Team
Fire Information Center: 541-839-3099

Staffing will remain fairly steady through the holiday weekend in response to the warmer weather, increased recreational activity, and the potential for increased initial attack from new fire starts and challenges in meeting operational and management objectives for the fire area. Much of the staffing is being provided by local resources.

Again today, the Whiskey Fire mop-up operations in the upper portions of Beaver Creek will be the emphasis. The objective is to extinguish all fire within 300 feet of the fire lines. Fire fighters are being challenged by the many snag hazards present within this area. Crews are carefully assessing opportunities to mitigate the hazards and in areas deemed safe, crews are mopping up hot spots located with hand held infrared cameras. In some areas the hazards are too great to allow crews to completely mop up the 300 feet, so some lesser amount is being accomplished.

Mop-up objectives for the Buckeye Fire should be met today and then it will be in patrol status as engine crews continue to search out any missed hot spots as the weather warms.

Many of the roads in and around the fires had been utilized as fire lines or contingency lines in efforts to contain these fires. In preparing these roads to be used, much of the brush and small trees were cut to lower the fire intensity immediately adjacent to the roads, creating an under burn situation. This accumulated material is now being removed via chipping to reduce future fire hazards. Chipping efforts will continue well into next week.

There is still an area and road closure in effect for the Complex. Complete closure information has been posted on the Whiskey Complex blog site and on http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3562/

Fire at a Glance

Total size:       17,891

Whiskey:  16,185
Buckeye:     1,683
Smith Ridge:  23

Containment:  100%

Personnel: 200

Crews: 4
Engines: 8
Water-Tenders: 5
Misc. Equipment: 2
Helicopters: 1 Type 3 Light

Location:     Douglas County,  6 Mi. east of Tiller, OR    

Inciweb, with closure information: inciweb.org/incident/3562


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