Whiskey Complex Update

August 26, 2013

The Southern Cascades Type 3 Incident Management Team

John Poet, Incident Commander

Fire Information Center:  541-839-3099

The Whiskey Complex received over half an inch of rain on Sunday, adding to the hazards faced by firefighters. Dirt roads were slick, large snags were falling, the ground was slippery, and the weather was miserable. Snags are especially dangerous along Forest Road 2925 and portions of Forest Road 31.  At the same time, several pockets of heat remain within the fire perimeter, especially in the upper reaches of Beaver Creek near the southeast edge of the Whiskey Fire.  Despite the hazardous conditions, careful progress was made in chipping slash and  mopping up, resulting in strengthened containment lines. Also, rehabilitation tasks such as installing waterbars and removing berms were accomplished.

All closures remain in effect.

A drying trend is expected to kick in this afternoon, with southwest winds gusting to 12 miles per hour and temperatures increasing to the low 80’s at the lower elevations of the fire. Crews were asked to “make hay while the sun isn’t shining” by Operations Chief Nick Beddow, meaning that crews should take advantage of today’s damp, cool conditions which favor mop-up operations.

The Buckeye Fire is in clean up and rehab mode as crews continue chipping operations, pulling hose, mopping up and patrolling. Work on the Buckeye Fire is expected to be completed within the next two days.

A Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) team is in place this morning to begin assessing environmental fire damage that needs to be mitigated in the near future, beginning as soon as the firefighting assets leave the fire.

Fire at a Glance

Total size:       17,891

Whiskey:  16,185
Buckeye:     1,683
Smith Ridge:  23

Containment:  100%

Personnel: 214

Crews: 3
Engines: 9
Water-Tenders: 5                        Misc. Equipment: 7      Helicopters: 1 Type 3 Light

Location:     Douglas County, 6 Mi. east of Tiller, OR

Whiskey Complex Website: inciweb.org/incident/3562

BuckEye_20130825_NAIP_11X17Buckeye_20130825_PBST_GEO_11X17 Planning_11X17_port_20130825_WhiskeyComplex_OR-UPF-130132 Road_area_closure_PublicInfo_ansi_c_land_20130825_WhiskeyComplex_OR-UPF-130132 Whisky_Complex_20130825_NAIP_Csize Whisky_Complex_20130825_PBST_GEO_Csize


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