Whiskey Complex Fire Update
Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team 3,
Incident Commander: Doug Johnson
August 23, 2013 – 9:00 a.m.
Information:  541-839-3099
Inciweb: http://inciweb.org/incident/3562

FireBlog: www.whiskeycomplex.wordpress.com

Special  Information:
The  Umpqua National Forest has revised the Forest Order near the Whiskey    Complex by reopening the South Umpqua Road (Forest Road 28), FR 68 and    parts of FR 29 that access South Umpqua Falls Day Use Area, Camp Comfort    and Skookum Pond.

Direct    any questions regarding the new closure area to the Whiskey Complex Fire    Information Center at 541-839-3099 or the    Tiller Ranger District at 541-825-3100.

General Information:
Overnight  rains wet the fire area and delayed opportunities for additional burn out    yesterday morning.  Efforts were concentrated    on the eastern and southeastern portions of the Whiskey Fire to advance mop    up and rehabilitation operations.      Slash reduction and other suppression rehabilitation requirements    were completed on the eastern flank and good progress was made on mop up along    the southeastern perimeter.  Mid-morning    clearing skies and drying winds were improving conditions for possible burn    outs; however, heavy showers and gusty winds returned to the fire area in    late afternoon.  Rain amounts ranging    from two tenths to six tenths of an inch were received.  Timely storms alerts allowed firefighters    to implement necessary safety precautions.

The    rain and approaching cooler weather promise to keep fire behavior at a low    level through the weekend.  Most    portions of the Whiskey Fire are already in patrol status. The goal is now    to complete as much remaining mop up and suppression rehabilitation as    possible on the southeast corner.      Hand-held heat sensing instruments will assist in locating any    remaining hot spots to further secure the perimeter.

No    serious injuries have occurred on the incident and fire managers are    emphasizing safety as suppression objectives are met and the mission shifts    to fire rehabilitation and recovery such as Burned Area Emergency Response    (BAER).  Oregon Interagency Incident    Management 3 is actively identifying resources excess to the needs of the    Whisky Complex and releasing them to be available on other incidents.

Southern    Cascades Type 3 Interagency Incident Management Team is arriving on Saturday    to be briefed for assuming command of the Whiskey Complex on Sunday at 6:00    a.m.



Total Size:   17,891
Whiskey:   16,185
Buckeye:      1,683
Smith Ridge:     23

Complex Containment:      85%
Whiskey Fire    85%
Buckeye        100%
Smith Ridge   100%

Personnel:     367
        Crews:  6 (1Hotshot)
Engines:  12
        Dozers:    1
       Water Tenders:    11
Overhead:    139
ir Resources:
        1  Type I Heavy
        1  Type 3 Light
Location:   Douglas County
   6 mi. east of Tiller, OR
Cause:    Lightning – 7/26/13
Closure Information: tinyurl.com/k6wa3xy or inciweb.org/incident/3562
Fire Blog: www.



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