Special Information:

The Umpqua National Forest has revised the Forest Order near the Whiskey Complex. The area closure remains in effect around the Buckeye and Whiskey Fires while some access roads in the vicinity have been re-opened. These roads include the South Umpqua River Road (Forest Road 28) and parts of Forest Road 29 providing access to popular recreation areas including South Umpqua Falls Day Use, Camp Comfort, and Skookum Pond.  Please see the website below for a complete listing of the closure and the campgrounds affected. While driving through the Buckeye Fire burned area on Forest Road 28 smokes from the fire area may be visible and should not be reported.

Access to the Umpqua National Forest from the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest via Forest Roads 6620 (Abbott Prairie), 6640 (Grey Rock), 6610 (Sugar Pine) and spur 800 remain closed at the Forest boundary.

The complete closure order may be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/k5c4aab

General Information:
Crews on the northern and western perimeters of the Whiskey Fire are completing rehabilitation operations; these crews will move to the southeastern perimeter toward day’s end.  Excess equipment, hoses, pumps, tools and signs are being back hauled off the fire.  Heavy equipment is being repositioned or made available for reassignment to other fires.  Crews on the northeastern edge have chipped slash along approximately 1 ½ miles of a 9 mile perimeter while mopping up.  According to Operations Section Chief, Rod Bonacker, “The process is slow, but it’s the quality and not quantity we are looking for.”  Forest and fire management officials are very pleased with the progress firefighters are making.  Some rehabilitation practices include removal of logs, slash and constructing water bars.

A red flag fire warning is forecast until 8 pm tonight near the fire area for dry lightning over dry fuels. Firefighters remain vigilant of hazards including the forecasted storms, hot stump holes, weakened trees, and rolling debris. Resources have been identified, from the Whiskey Complex, to assist adjoining Forests during initial attack responses.

A Type 3 incident management team will be meeting with Forest officials on Saturday for an in-briefing on the Whiskey Complex.  This team will assume command of the Whiskey Complex on Sunday, August 25 at 6 am as the Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team 3 reaches the end of our fire assignment.



Total Size: 17,420
Whiskey: 15,714
Buckeye:  1,683
Smith Ridge:  23

Complex Containment: 80%
Whiskey Fire  80%
Buckeye  100%
Smith Ridge  100%

Personnel:  422

Crews:   8 (3  Hotshot)
Engines:  12
Dozers: 1
Water Tenders:    12
Overhead:  148
Air Resources:
1              Type I Heavy
2              Type 3 Light

Location: Douglas County
6 mi. east of Tiller, OR

Cause: Lightning – 7/26/13

Closure Information: inciweb.org/incident/3562 or  tinyurl.com/k5c4aab

Fire Blog: whiskeycomplex.wordpress.com
Air Quality: oregonsmoke.blogspot.com/






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