Fire suppression can have a heavy hand on the land. Fire suppression efforts may leave miles of fire line and dozer line, stump holes and flush cut stumps, slash piles from preparing for burnouts, two-track roads damaged by fire traffic, and other evidence of human activity from fire fighting.

Throughout suppression efforts, Fire Operation planners work closely with the local agency Resource Advisor to protect biological and archaeological resources which may be damaged or marginalized through firefighting strategies.

Additionally, Resource Advisors and Fire Managers write a detailed report called a “Suppression Rehabilitation Plan” which itemizes actions to restore any impacts from the fire.
Below are the Rehab Maps for the Whiskey Complex.

WhiskeyRehab   CharlieDeltaRehab


Pictures from the Whiskey Complex (OR-UPF-130132) Suppression
Repair Plan showing a fire line that has been restored.



Illustrations from the Whiskey Complex (OR-UPF-130132)
Suppression Repair Plan Final showing water bar construction and notes.waterbarConst_9584

…Because Earth and her Creatures are not replaceable.



photos: Josh Chapman, Biologist (above left), Sam Swetland (Air Ops) # # #


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