Due to technical difficulties at inciweb,
we are posting our evening summary in this post.

Containment for Whiskey Complex: 75%
Containment for Whiskey Fire: 72%
Acreage of Whiskey Fire: 15,155ac
Buckeye Fire and Smith Ridge remain at 100%, with no changes in acreage: (Buckeye1,682 ac) (Smith Ridge 23ac)

Expected Containment: 28 August, 2013
Observed Weather for Current Operational Period:
Wind: NW
Temp: 86
Relative Humidity:  30

Personnel: 487

Significant Events Today:
WHISKEY FIRE: The planned aerial firing of the southeast area was canceled as the smoke inversion prevented air operations from flying. Hand firing continued and operation supervisors reported that the ground fuels were burning “calmly’. On the eastern perimeter, construction of water bars and log removal are in progress to rehabilitate fire line. The northeast perimeters are in patrol status.

BUCKEYE FIRE: Chipping of secondary roads continues.

Fire Weather:
A fire weather watch is in effect Tuesday through Thursday for abundant lightning and dry fuels. Wednesday the thunderstorms are expected to gain more precipitation. Winds are expected to be N/NE with gusts to 15. Haines
is forecast for a level 5 with high level of instability.

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