Whiskey Complex Update

Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team 3

Incident Commander: Doug Johnson

August 19, 2013 – 9:00 a.m.

Fire Information Center:  541-839-3099

Inciweb Website: http://inciweb.org/incident/3562

General Information:
Thick smoke from interior burning lingered along the east and southeast flanks of the fire all day yesterday.  The limited visibility prevented any air operations, including aerial ignition, in that vicinity.  Ground crews, however, succeeded in closing the gaps in the containment line and worked to widen and reinforce the most recently constructed segments.

Elsewhere on the eastern side, previously established lines were extended further into the interior and mop up begun.  The remainder of the Whiskey, Smith Ridge and Buckeye Fires are well into the rehabilitation phase.  A swing shift extended coverage later into the night.
One helicopter, one fixed wing aircraft, and one overhead personnel were temporarily loaned or permanently reassigned to other incidents.
Warming, drying and increased winds are expected to continue.  The focus for today is widening the black line on the most vulnerable portions of the east and south flanks.  Aerial ignition will aid in accomplishing this if visibility allows. Slightly increased fire behavior in previously unburned interior islands is predicted for this afternoon.  This may provide a good test of containment line strength.

Whiskey Fire is 65% contained with growth inside the eastern perimeter.
Buckeye Fire is 100% contained and in patrol status.
Smith Ridge Fire is 100% contained and in patrol status.


Access to the Umpqua National Forest from the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest via Forest Roads 6620 (Abbott Prairie), 6640 (Grey Rock), 68 (Abbott Creek), 6610 (Sugar Pine) and spur 800 are closed at the Forest boundary.

South Umpqua River Highway, Forest Road 28, remains closed; however, work to prepare it for reopening is nearing completion.

For fire firefighter and public safety, the large area closure around the Whiskey Fire remains in effect; major roads in the area are closed.
Please see the inciweb or Whiskey Complex blog for full information.



Total Size:                             16,861
                Whiskey:               15,155 
                Buckeye:                1,683
                Smith Ridge:    23
Containment:  65%

Personnel:  453

                Crews:                    8
                                  (3 Hotshot)
                Engines:                 12
                Dozers:                   3
                Water Tenders:    16
                Overhead:              165
        Air Resources:
                2              Type I Heavy
                2              Type 3 Light
Location:   Douglas County
                6 mi. east of Tiller, OR

Cause:    Lightning – 7/26/13
Closure Information: inciweb.org/incident/3562

Fire Blog: whiskeycomplex.wordpress.com

Air Quality Report: oregonsmoke.blogspot.com/



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