Road_area_closure_PublicInfo_ansi_c_land_20130818_WhiskeyComplex_OR-UPF-130132 Whiskey_20130818_IR_11_17_2011NAIP Whiskey_20130818_IR_11_17_PBSTopoSOUTH 
Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team 3,
Incident Commander: Doug Johnson

Fire Information Center:  541-839-3099
Inciweb Website: http://inciweb.org/incident/3562

Special Information:
Please be advised that access to the Umpqua National Forest from the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest via Forest Roads 6620 (Abbott Prairie), 6640 (Grey Rock), 68 (Abbot Creek), 6610 (Sugar Pine) and spur 800 are closed at the Forest boundary.

South Umpqua River Highway, Forest Road 28, remains closed; however, work to prepare it for reopening is nearing completion.

General Information:
Yesterday’s conditions were ideal for burn-out operations.  Crews made significant progress in extending and widening containment lines on the east and southeast flanks of the fire. During the afternoon, a confined area in the interior of the fire near Fawn Creek flared up, producing a tall smoke column. Helicopter bucket drops were used to check the forward movement.

A warming and drying trend with increased winds is expected to continue and intensify.  Fire managers still anticipate favorable conditions today for closing the remaining gaps and widening existing black line along the perimeter.  A helicopter-mounted aerial ignition device is planned to be used to augment ground lighting. The helicopter drops small plastic spheres that ignite as they reach the ground.  Each sphere then results in a small spot fire that grows together with other spots along the drop line.  Increased smoke output is expected from the planned burn-out.  The primary objective is to complete defensible containment lines prior to the arrival of the predicted increased fire behavior on Monday and Tuesday.  Aerial resources will monitor fire activity, support ground units and assist with the burn-out.

Whiskey Fire is remains at 65% contained with growth inside the east and southeast perimeter.
Buckeye Fire is 100% contained and also in patrol status.
Smith Ridge Fire is 100% contained and in patrol status.

For fire firefighter and public safety, the large area closure around the Whiskey Fire remains in effect; major roads in the area are closed.  Please see the inciweb or Whiskey Complex blog for full information.

Total Acreage:   17,712 ac
Whiskey:  16,006 ac
Buckeye:  1,683 ac
Smith Ridge:  23 ac
Containment:  65%
Personnel: 454
Crews:                    9  (3 Hotshot)
Engines:                 12
Dozers:                   3
Water Tenders:    16
Overhead:              166
Air Resources:
2   Type I Heavy
1   Type 2 Medium
2   Type 3 Light
1   Fixed Wing
Location:   Douglas County
6 mi. east of Tiller, OR

Cause:    Lightning – 7/26/13
Fire Blog: whiskeycomplex.wordpress.com
Air Quality: oregonsmoke.blogspot.com/

Closure Information:  tinyurl.com/k6wa3xy or inciweb.org/incident/3562



Roseburg, OR — Sunday, August 18, 2013 – There were no new fire starts reported on the Umpqua National Forest. Forest officials remind visitors that public-use restrictions remain in effect. Campfires are allowed in established fire rings in designated campgrounds. A list of designated campgrounds is available at www.fs.usda.gov/umpqua under fire information.

Significant progress was made on the Whiskey Complex Fire. For information on the, visit: http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3562/ or https://whiskeycomplex.wordpress.com/.

Lucero Hernandez
Public Affairs Specialist
Umpqua National Forest
(541) 957-3411

# # #


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