Fire Update for Umpqua National Forest

ROSEBURG, OR – Monday, August 12, 2013 – No new lightning occurred on Sunday. The latest confirmed fire is the Little Smith Fire, a tenth-acre fire on the Tiller Ranger District just south of Smith Ridge.

On Sunday, 4 smoke jumpers were dropped on the Pup Fire in the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness. The jumpers will spend at least one night in the wilderness suppressing the fire.

Suppression crews stand at the ready to pick-up the many, suspected “sleeper” fires that will emerge as temperatures warm into the mid-week. More lightning is expected on the Umpqua National Forest later in the week.

A detection flight is scheduled for Monday morning.

People recreating on the Umpqua National Forest are encouraged to report any smokes to the Forest’s dispatch office at 541-957-3325.

Personal-use restrictions and an Industrial Fire Precaution Level III remain in effect on the Umpqua National Forest with information available at www.fs.usda.gov/umpqua.

Information about the Whiskey Complex on the Tiller Ranger District is available at www.inciweb.org/incident/3562

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Buckeye_20130812_IR_11_17_NAIP Buckeye_20130812_IR_11_17_PBSTopo Smith_Ridge_20130812_IR_11_17_NAIP Smith_Ridge_20130812_IR_11_17_PBSTopo Whiskey_Complex_20130812_IR_11_17_2011NAIP Whiskey_Complex_20130812_IR_11_17_PBSTopoNORTH Whiskey_Complex_20130812_IR_11_17_PBSTopoSOUTH

General Information:

Interior pockets of unburned fuels continue to burn throughout the Whiskey Fire. Sunday was the first time in several days that helicopters were able to fly, providing greatly appreciated air support. Personnel continue to clear, fall snags, and patrol roads in an effort to restore access to the South Umpqua Falls as quickly as possible. Watch for a warming trend through the week, coinciding with a possible increase of fire activity by Friday in the southeast region of the Whiskey Fire, as fuels dry out. The complex has a crew and fallers available to respond to new starts, if necessary. Yesterday, a crew traveling to the Smith Ridge Fire, located a new fire start from previous lightning and provided initial attack until local resources arrived.

Smith Ridge Fire is 100% contained and in patrol status.  Firefighting equipment is being removed and back hauled to ICP.

Buckeye Fire is 95% contained and in mop-up and patrol status.

Whiskey Fire is 40% contained and had very little growth – generally from burning previously unburned pockets within the fire perimeter. Roads have been prepped by removing brush to use as containment lines along the eastern and southeastern flank.  Crews will perform burn-outs as opportunities arise, and create defensible space along the eastern border.  The north, west and southwest are in mop-up and rehabilitation. Road crews are clearing debris and grading damaged infrastructure.

A temporary flight restriction surrounding the Whiskey Complex has been reduced to a 5 mile radius directly above the Whiskey Fire.

The retardant plant remains functioning, and is located at the Big Stump Rock Quarry approximately a mile west of Black Canyon Camping Area along Jackson Creek.

For fire firefighter and public safety, the large area closure around the Whiskey Fire remains in effect; major roads in the area are closed.  Please see the inciweb or Whiskey Complex blog for full information.

Fire at a Glance

Total Size:             11,088
     Whiskey:               9,376
          Buckeye:              1,682
               Smith Ridge:        30

Containment:        40%

Personnel:             691
Crews:                    14 (5 Hotshot)
Engines:                 32
Dozers:                   6
Water Tenders:    22
Overhead:              204

Air Resources:
2              Type I Heavy
1              Type 2 Medium
2              Type 3 Light
1              Fixed Wing

Location:     Douglas County, 6 mi. east of Tiller, OR
Cause:        Lightning – 7/26/13

For Closure Information, visit:
tinyurl.com/k6wa3xy or inciweb.org/incident/3562


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