photos: Peter Fromherz, Helitack

The 29Road Helispot and Retardant Plant and
the first days of the Whiskey Fire.

Helicopters shown:
the Firehawk (below),
the S-61,
and the Chinook.
The Chinook has multiple propellers.
peterFromherz080 pFremholz_firehawk_093 pFromhelz_200 pFromhelz8aug_0199 pFromherz_0195 pFromherz_0208 pFromherz_bambi_0152 pFromherz_Chinook_0211 pFromherz_Chinook_214 pFromherz_CloseupChinook_212 pFromherz_firehawk_0159 pFromherz_firehawk_0164 pFromherz_helios_233 pFromherz_mixing_260 pFromherz_s61_0248 pFromherz_type1_S61_246 pFromherz-S61_247pFromherz-S61_247 pFromherz_type1_S61_246 pFromherz_s61_0248 pFromherz_mixing_260 pFromherz_helios_233 pFromherz_firehawk_0164 pFromherz_firehawk_0159 pFromherz_CloseupChinook_212 pFromherz_Chinook_214 pFromherz_Chinook_0211 pFromherz_bambi_0152 pFromherz_0208 pFromherz_0195 pFromhelz8aug_0199 pFromhelz_200 pFremholz_firehawk_093 peterFromherz080


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