Night security staff with owner/trainer of Boo, a Therapy Dog

photo: Tom Bergland

photo: Tom Bergland

photo: Tom Bergland

photo: Char Rouse

photo: Char Rouse
photo: ALXSw

Wednesday, 7 August, 2013

Today several Therapy Dogs visited the Whiskey Complex ICP: two Bernese Mountain dogs and a Belgian Malinoise. Owners Glenda and Greg Pierce, and Connie Lane drove from Central Oregon to bring some canine cheer to fire camp.

Firefighters and fire support staff welcomed the loveable dogs as they prepare to complete the 14 day fire detail this weekend. As is standard, incident management teams rotate after two weeks to mitigate fatigue from the long hours and continuous work shifts required in incident management.

Therapy dogs are trained and certified to visit with a variety of people and to not react to strange scents and loud noises, among other attributes. The dogs frequently visit community care facilities and hospitals. However, their owner/trainers have also taken them to other fires, such as Cole Creek Fire in 2012. The dogs are available to visit other fire camps in the vicinity, and there are other dog trainer/owners who are willing to share their dogs with firefighters.

Our thanks for the long drive and effort to share the Therapy Dogs with our fire camp. A friendly dog smile and hug with a loving canine provided a welcome, warm fuzzy.


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