Whisky_Complex_20130806_IR_11_17_DRG(1) Buckeye_20130806_IR_11_17_DRG OpsPlanning_48x36_port_20130805_2330_WhiskeyComplex_OR-UPF-1301321_0806dayWith lines increasingly secure along the northwest edge of the Buckeye fire, fire managers allowed residents of Ash Valley to return to their homes Monday. Ash Valley remains at a level 2 evacuation status, meaning that if conditions change, residents need to be prepared to leave immediately. Sprinklers have been set up along portions of the fireline to decrease the chance of fire spreading.


The Smith Ridge fire control lines held secure through Monday’s increased temperature and afternoon winds, and remains in patrol status.


A spot fire was detected a mile southeast of the Buckeye Fire on Monday, and crews were able to stop it from growing. “We haven’t had really strong winds,” said Incident Commander Ross Williams, “but as trees burn and embers fly, even the tiniest spark can ignite a game-changing spot fire. We have to jump on every spot as quickly as we can.”


Firefighters have taken precautions to protect what some believe to be the world’s tallest sugar pine tree, standing 265 feet tall with a circumference of seven and a half feet. The pine is in an area that will likely burn today, but firefighters expect the protective measures will save it from harm.


Atmospheric instability is expected to be high today, meaning that fires may burn more actively. “The smoke has been keeping the fire a little cooler — kept it from getting up and running,” said Fire Behavior Analyst Dennis Winkler. “But as atmospheric instability increases, the likelihood of the smoke lifting also increases, and with the amount of fire we have out there, our firefighters need to be heads up!”


Smoke over the fire area kept aircraft from flying until after 2 PM. Monday, but movement of hotshot crews from the Buckeye Fire has helped with the success of the firing and holding plan along the eastern and southern edges of the Whiskey Fire.

Fire at a Glance

Total Size:  8337 Acres

  Whiskey –  6628 ac

   Buckeye –  1682 ac

   Smith Ridge – 27 ac  (Contained)


Containment: 30%

Personnel: 957

Air Resources:

 5 Type 1 Heavy helicopters

 1 Type 2 Medium helicopter

 2 Type 3 Light helicopters

 Air Tankers as needed

Location:  6 mi east of Tiller, OR.

Cause: Lightning 7-26-13


-FS Road 29.

-FS Road 28 from Boulder Creek   

  to French Junction.

-FS Road 31 from jct of FS   

    Road 29 to jct w/ spur 


-FS Road 2925 from jct 29 to

     jct of 3114-600 and 2925-  

    700 spurs.

-FS Road 3114-600

For Camground and additional closures, please see http://tinyurl.com/k6wa3xy


Fire Information Number:



For more information:



Blog site for Whiskey Complex:



Smoke information:




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