photo: ALXsw

Poison oak is a serious problem for firefighters on the
Whiskey Complex fires. Poison oak can spread topically
or internally in the respiratory system. It can infect the
respiratory membranes through smoke inhalation. The medical
unit is treating numerous  topical cases of poison oak, as well as
some more systemic incidents requiring steroid treatment and
clinical care.

One way to mitigate topical spread of poison oak on body
surfaces is to wash off the oils which spread the irritant, and
to change clothes after showering after shift.  Mobile Laundry
Systems was ordered to provide a camp laundry.
Camp cache can replace nomex shirts and pants as supplies last

Removing poison oak oils from clothing requires a solvent that
will break down the oils that spread the irritant from poison oak.


How It Works
Friendly staff will take your laundry and give you a numbered

Whiskey Complex Fire Camp Photos 018
Photos: Lauren Maloney

The number  follows the laundry through the
washing and drying cycles.

Whiskey Complex Fire Camp Photos 022

Whiskey Complex Fire Camp Photos 026
Staff fold and insert the clothes in a bag, attach the
number receipt and (below) compress the bags to save
space. 24 hour turnaround.

Away from home, a clean pair of socks can
seem like a piece of heaven.

Whiskey Complex Fire Camp Photos 019


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