Fire behavior on the Whiskey Complex increased on Friday as the region began experiencing drier and warmer conditions. This warming trend is expected to continue through Sunday.


Firefighters initiated a more aggressive phase of their strategy on Friday, trying to bolster lines as much as possible before Sunday’s expected alignment of high temperatures, low humidity, atmospheric instability, and wind gusts of up to 12 miles per hour.


The hard work of mopping up the Smith Ridge Fire has paid off by allowing a portion of the firefighting resources to be transferred to other fires in the Complex.


The southwest portion of the Buckeye Fire pushed against the firelines Friday, and helicopters with buckets were required to keep it in place. Significant burnout was accomplished near Ash Valley and to the west of South Umpqua Falls Campground.


Firefighters on the Whiskey/Big Brother fires took advantage of very favorable conditions Friday to conduct burnout operations, which will be ongoing for the next several days. These operations will be conducted as the main fire advances in order to strengthen control lines and minimize fire intensity, reducing damage to the tree canopy.


Local citizens noticed several smoke columns Friday from the burnout operations, and more are expected today.


In addition to the closures listed in the column to the right, an area closure has been implemented in the fire area.
Full closure information can be viewed at


Sixty-three residents of the Tiller area attended Friday’s community meeting. Fire officials also met with elders of the Cow Creek Tribe to explain the fire situation.


Fire at a Glance

Total Size:  5564 Acres

  Whiskey and Big Brother   

     combined acreage – 4224 ac

   Buckeye – 1313 ac

   Smith Ridge – 27 ac


Containment: 20%

Personnel: 905

Air Resources:

 3 Type 1 Heavy helicopters

 2 Type 2 Medium helicopters

 2 Type 3 Light helicopters

 Air Tankers as needed

Location:  6 mi east of Tiller,OR.

Cause: Lightning 7-26-13


-FS Road 29.

-FS Road 28 from Boulder Creek   

  to French Junction.

-FS Road 31 from jct of FS   

    Road 29 to jct w/ spur 


-FS Road 2925 from jct 29 to

     jct of 3114-600 and 2925-  

    700 spurs.

-FS Road 3114-600

For Camground and additional closures, please see http://tinyurl.com/k6wa3xy


Fire Information Number:



For more information:



Blog site for Whiskey Complex:



Hourly smoke information:

Smoke information:





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