Photos courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service.

Spring Chinook Salmon_Umpqua NF (2)   Spring Salmon

Steelhead Trout_UmpquaNF (2)  Steelhead Salmon

Pacific Lamprey_Umpqua NF  Pacific Lamprey

Coho Salmon_Umpqua NF  Coho Salmon

Chinook Salmon  Chinook Salmon

One of our Incident Objectives is to coordinate with the Tiller Ranger District Resource Advisor to avoid negative impact to the world class fishery in the federally protected waters within the Umpqua NF. Firefighters are taking precautions with pumps near riparian areas to avoid disruption of creek bed purity. Sump pump draw is being monitored to insure water extraction from ponds and streams does not threaten species health.

Resource advisors work closely with fire operations in the field to plan strategies to aggressively suppress  fire growth, while acting gently in areas that are easily damaged.


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