hotpink sign designating incident base camp

Welcome to our fire blog.
Pleased to meet you.
El gusto es mio !

This website will offer incident updates, maps, closure information, and more. More
includes: photos, articles, and random sharings from collaborators and community
as the Whiskey Complex fires continue.

Feel free to call us with questions and concerns at the
Whiskey Complex Information Unit: 541. 839. 3099.
Our hours of operation are 7a – 9p.

Overview of the Whiskey Complex

The Whiskey Complex is composed of four distinct fires on the Tiller Ranger District: Buckeye, Big Brother, Whiskey, and Smith Ridge. The fires were caused by lightning on July 26, 2013. Burning in steep and remote terrain in timber, the fire activity has been primarily low intensity ground fire with occasional tree torching and spotting.

The incident is being managed by a unified command: Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team 1 (Incident Commander Ross Williams) and the Douglas Forest Protective Association (Incident Commander Tim Keith). Federal land and private land are at risk.

The Incident Command Post is located at the Milo Adventist Academy. The helibase is located at the Miller Ranch near mile 16 of the South Umpqua Highway.

note: Common practice in naming a fire is to use a nearby topographical feature for a variety of practical reasons. The Whiskey Fire was named after the nearby Whisky Camp. However, through the formal naming protocol, the fire acquired an extra ‘e’. So when searching for information, remember the fire complex is spelled whiskey with an ‘e’.


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