Incident Command Post

hotpink sign designating incident base camp

Incident signage is usually reflective and bright to command attention.
We are also fond of flagging posts and trees to make something noticeable.


The abundance of poison oak in the Umpqua environment demands
that firefighters have their clothing washed frequently.  Poison oak casesare a primary intervention for our Medical Unit.


Camp crews are a tremendous help keeping camp ducks in a row.
Shown here are bags of plastic bottles for recycling.


Firefighters pick up lunches and water before heading to
the fireline.


Our Liaison Officer Bob K. hosts a fine cafe bar at ICP.
Thanks for the great java, Bob!


Although our fire camps usually manifest within a miraculous 24 hours, sometimes a yurt or trailer delivery is delayed. Shown here are members of the Communications Unit weathering sun and battling with the wind during the first day.


Our white van: GIZMO arrives with internet and miles of communication cables.


Much of firefighting safety is about situational awareness.
Shown here is our ‘high tech’ window wash station.

More images will be added to this album as they arrive.


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