Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team #1

In Unified Command with Douglas Fire Protective Association

Ross Williams and Tim Keith, Incident Commanders

Whiskey Complex Daily Update
July 31, 2013


Fire at a Glance

Total Size:  3945 Acres

  Whiskey and Big Brother – combined acreage – 3130 ac

   Buckeye – 788 ac

   Smith Ridge –27 ac

 Containment: 10%

 Personnel: 814

 Air Resources:

 2 Type 1 Heavy helicopters

2 Type 2 Medium helicopters

2 Type 3 Light helicopters

Air Tankers as needed


-FS Road 29.

-FS Road 28 from Boulder Creek to French Junction.

-FS Road 31 from junction of FS  Road 29 to junction with
spur  3100-600

-FS Road 2925 from junction 29 to junction of 3114-600 and 2925- 700 spurs

-FS Road 3114-600 for its entire length.

-South Umpqua Campground

-South Umpqua Day Use Area

 Location:  6 miles east of Tiller, OR.

 CauseLightning 7-26-13

 Fire Information Number: 541-839-3099

For more information: www.inciweb.org/incident/3562

Today’s Update

The four fires of the Whiskey Complex grew yesterday to a total of 3945 acres and is now 10 percent contained. There are currently 814 personnel assigned to the four fires.

Red Flag Warnings continue Wednesday and Thursday as weather conditions are forecast to bring thunderstorms to the local area. A marine layer is expected to bring higher winds along with slightly higher humidity.

The Whiskey Fire is active on the south and southeastern flanks, and the Big Brother Fire is active on all but the south side.  The Big Brother Fire has crossed Coffin Creek to the west, and is expected to advance uphill toward the Whiskey Fire today. Efforts continue to construct and reinforce direct and indirect firelines in multiple drainages in the Jackson Creek and Beaver Creek areas in an attempt to contain the Whiskey and Big Brother Fires.

 Firefighters now have water available on the Smith Ridge Fire to help with mopping up, but they continue to face large, hollowed-out trees that have been falling as the wind increases. The trees are extremely difficult and dangerous to fell, and crews can’t work near them for safety reasons, yet much of the remaining heat is in their roots.

 Current evacuations remain in effect for the five residences in Ash Valley. The Buckeye Fire has backed downhill toward the homes overnight. Firefighters initiated planned burnout operations to take advantage of favorable conditions. A fireline has been established between the fire and the houses, and Interagency Hotshot Crews are on site.

 Safety is the number one priority for firefighters on the Whiskey Complex.  To date there have been five injuries on the fire; four injuries were minor medical incidents.  One injury was a cardiac emergency with the patient transported by local ambulance services.

 Forest Service Road 29 remains closed, as does FS Road 28 from Boulder Creek to the eastern boundary of the Tiller District. Additional closures are listed in the “Fire at a Glance” column above.



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